Quality Assurance - ÞG Verk

Quality Assurance

ÞG Verk´s Quality Managment

ÞG Verk´s operating Quality Council and Quality Manager conducts regular audits in all sites through all construction stages to ensure quality and prevent cons. The goal is to always return high quality product and service and to follow legal claims and regulations through all construction stages.

ÞG Verk´s Quality Assurance

ÞG Verk determines to build effectively and meet our customers requirements and to meet all legal claims and regulations in every way.

The company will always produce quality products and services to meet our customers wishes.

We will through regulated means develop our products and services that will enable our employees to perform their work correctly from the start and at all times.

The company focus:

• To offer professional and quality solutions that meets our customers standards.
• To constantly develop the the companies work effectiveness.
• To ensure employees have sufficient training and education to return quality work efficiently.
• To ensure best possible conditions and safety for all employees at construction sites.