ÞG Verk Ltd. was founded in 1998 by Þorvaldur Gissurarson who is still the CEO and owner of the company. ÞG Verk is built upon a strong foundation and has withstand Icelandic economic shocks and Icelandic construction recessions and is still operation on its original social security number. The main goal of the company has always been to deliver quality work for its clients both in the real estate market and auction market, alongside conducting honest and save business methods and to ensure the best interests of its clients.



When it comes to buying real estate, you need to consider a number of things. You try to choose a retailer who is trustworthy, choose a suitable financing method and considers the advantages and disadvantages of the neighborhood, transport, social services, school environment and other factors. You work hard – the decision to buy real estate is one of the biggest decisions that a person makes in life.

Today, most of us have become more conscious consumers and would, for example, be reluctant to buy a phone or TV from an unknown manufacturer – let alone a new car. Yet we seldom think about which builder built the house we are going to buy.

The builder matters immensely – it is on this basis that ÞG Verk has worked and will continue to work for the foreseeable future.


ÞG Verk’s quality system protects the interests of buyers, but a joint assessment of each property is always made before delivery.

The company has a quality council and a working quality manager. Throughout the construction process, regular audits are performed on all work components.


In an important industry such as the construction industry, quality should always be a priority, but unfortunately examples have shown that this is not always the case. ÞG Verk has been operating for over 20 years and we intend to continue to exist after fifty years. That’s why we’ve worked hard to make our product the best on the market – that’s why we produce real estate that will stand the test of time.


ÞG Verk is a comprehensive construction company that has accumulated extensive work knowledge for over 20 years by building all types of structures, e.g. power plants, schools, bridges, apartments and factory buildings. The company has earned the trust of public bodies and large companies through organized work methods, timely submissions, high-quality work and safe business. In 2017, we are the largest in the production of new apartments as well as building on our own Hafnartorg in the center of Reykjavík, one of the most exciting construction projects of recent times.


ÞG Verk has a staff of 200 people, a collection of individuals who are at the forefront. With this reliable staff, a clear vision and a strong emphasis on quality and safety, we have succeeded in establishing ÞG Verk as a builder you can trust.

ÞG Verk is a strong company that delivers good work and professional work methods. Ever since its establishment, the main goal of the company has been to deliver good work, conduct secure business and have reliable and reliable communication with its customers.

Þorvaldur Gissurarson