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About Us

ÞG Verk

ÞG Verk Ltd. was founded in 1998 by Þorvaldur Gissurarson who is still the CEO and owner of the company. ÞG Verk is built upon a strong foundation and has withstand Icelandic economic shocks and Icelandic construction recessions and is still operation on its original social security number. The main goal of the company has always been to deliver quality work for its clients both in the real estate market and auction market, alongside conducting honest and save business methods and to ensure the best interests of its clients.

Over a thousand families now live in save buildings built by ÞG Verk and around 700 hundred apartments are planned for construction in the coming years. ÞG Verk´s Quality Management ensures the best interests of buyers and at the delivery of each apartment there is performed a joint audit with the new homeowners. Over the years the company has built commercial buildings that hosts various kinds of operations.

ÞG Verk has over two decades of experience on the auction market and among its projects are High Tech Facility for the pharmaceutical company Alvogen, Reykjavik´s Energy headquarters, Iceland´s largest print shop for Morgunbladid, Geothermal Power plants for Hellisheidi and Nesjavellir. The company has earned the trust of public entities and large companies with consistent work methods, delivery on time, quality work and by conducting honest business.

ÞG Verk´s operating Quality Council and Quality Manager conducts regular audits in all sites through all construction stages.

Today ÞG Verk is leading in the Icelandic construction industry whether you look at its own projects in the real estate and commercial building market or in the field of large projects for domestic and international companies on the auction market.

The key to a successful operation is outstanding employees and the company is proud of the solid group of people that works for it today. The work facilities are first class and everything is done to ensure safety, quality and workforce pleasure.

ÞG Verk is a strong company that delivers quality work and professional work procedures. It has been the main emphasis of the company since it was founded to deliver high quality product, conduct save and honest business and maintain a trustworthy and good communications with its clients.

Þorvaldur Gissurarson
CEO – ÞG Verk