ÞG Verk is committed to cost-effective construction that meets all of our customers’ requirements as well as complying with laws and regulations in all respects.

The company will always offer products and services based on high-quality solutions to meet the wishes of our customers.

We will systematically pursue the development of our products and services, giving the company’s employees the opportunity to carry out their work correctly for the first time and each time.

The company focuses on:

• To offer professional and high-quality solutions that meet the requirements of our customers.

• Continuously working on improvements to increase the efficiency of the company’s operations.

• That employees have received sufficient training and education to perform good work in an efficient manner.

• To ensure good working conditions and safety for employees in the workplace.


Throughout the construction process at ÞG Verk, all work components are taken out to ensure craftsmanship and quality. Prior to the delivery of all apartments, buyers review their property with a representative of the company to ensure the quality and interests of buyers. In that opinion, it is important to make the comments that the buyer has regarding the return of his property.