ÞG Verks’ equal pay policy

The purpose and goal of ÞG Verk’s equal pay policy is to promote gender equality in accordance with the Act on Equal Status and Gender Equality no. 150/2020, including that comparable salaries are paid for the same or equivalent jobs, so that there is no gender pay gap at ÞG Verk. ÞG Verk’s equal pay policy covers all employees

The equal pay policy and its implementation is an integral part of the company’s equality and wage policy. The company’s senior management undertakes to implement it, but the ultimate responsibility lies with the company’s CEO.

ÞG Verk undertakes to:

  • Follow legal requirements and rules on wages, benefits and equality
  • Perform a wage analysis annually
  • Maintain an educational and qualification list of company employees
  • Respond to relevant comments on the pay gap.
  • Carry out a regular internal audit of the company’s equal pay system
  • Have a neutral external party conduct external audits at least once a year
  • Introduce employees to the equal pay policy
  • Make the equal pay policy accessible to the public by publishing it on the company’s website.
  • Reassess and refine the equal pay system as a whole through internal audits and reviews


ÞG Verks’ Gender Equality Plan

This equality plan applies to all employees of ÞG Verk, regardless of workplace, according to the Act on Equal Status and Gender Equality, No. 150/2020. The plan sets out the goals and measures to ensure the employees of ÞG Verk the rights provided for in the Gender Equality Act. Managers in each workplace are responsible for ensuring that the provisions of the equality plan are implemented. 

In the construction industry, the share of women in all jobs is very low. ÞG Verk’s goal is to contribute to increasing women’s access to all jobs at the company. 

ÞG Verk’s equality plan was read over and approved by the company’s owner on 10 October 2019.